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Services Provided

Tax Return Preparation

We provide a complete line of tax return preparation services for all types of entities, and not just your trading entity.  If you wish further information on our tax return preparation, process and fees, please feel free to contact us via email or telephone.

You may also link to Gregory L. Buhrow, CPA, PC website here.

Tax Return Preparation

We can work with you and/or your CPA to prepare your Form 8979/Schedule D, Schedule C, Form 4797 or Form 6781 for inclusion with your tax return.

To find out what you receive and to get started click here.


A recent Journal of Accountancy article asked the question of CPA’s, “Why did you become a CPA?”.

One of the top answers listed was “so that I could answer those ‘quick questions’ you get when someone finds out you’re a CPA.”


I am happy to answer a “quick question” if it is indeed a quick answer.  However, most option tax questions are not quickly answered and result in an initial answer that brings up another question, and so on.

Also, based on my experience, email is the preferable method to conduct a consulting engagement.  Not only is it more focused, but you have a document in which to refer should you miss a point during a discussion.

Therefore, I have established a PayPal™ account for those “quick” questions that turn into hour-long explanations and consulting engagements.

The minimum fee is $95 and purchases the initial 30 minute consultation.  The hourly rate is $180.  If you would like to purchase now, please click the PayPal™ icon below.

However, before purchasing, please send me an email.  What you might think is a lengthy issue I might be able to answer in a few minutes ... at no charge.

Purchase Services


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 Pay $95
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approximately 30 minutes

 Pay $175
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approximately 1 hour

Option Trade Tracking Template

I have developed over the years a single Excel workbook with multiple tabs that allows me to perform in-depth due diligence and evaluate a stock both fundamentally and technically.

Also, I determine what strategy to use and my exit points before I enter the trade.  After I execute the trade I can track it there as well and once exited, determine my return(s) and export the results in tax return format or to popular tax software.

I have developed demos of the process and published them on my YouTube channel.

To view the demos and find out more about the software simply click here.

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