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Mark to Market Template

Make and Maintain Your MTM Election

Download and use the Mark to Market template to:

  • Make your MTM Election on the custom form

  • Calculate your Sec 481(a) adjustment for Form 3115 and 4797

  • Calculate your year-end MTM adjustment

Screenshots of  MTM Election Template tabs
MTM Election Template download.jpg
Click the image above to purchase and download the MTM Election Template.
Download arrow.jpg
MTM Election Roadmap
End User License Agreement
Fill-in-the-blank Election form.jpg
MTM Election Form - fill-in-the-blanks
Sec 481(a) Adjustment.jpg
MTM Election - Sec 481(a) Adjustment
MTM Year-end Adjustment.jpg
MTM Election - Year-End Adjustment
Mark to Market Template Overview
Mark to Market Template Tutorial

Please Note:  The video begins with an executable file and welcome screen.  That is no longer used and is now simply an Excel binary file.

You may need to make this a "Trusted" file in your Trust Center

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